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Why You Need To Download Our eBook: Mastering Measured Building Surveys

Alex Shiels , 12 Jul, 2024

Are you a construction professional looking to elevate your projects with precision and efficiency? Our latest eBook,...

How Advanced Survey Instruments And Methods Enhance Structural Monitoring

Alex Shiels , 10 Jul, 2024

As construction projects grow in complexity and scale, the demand for advanced monitoring solutions has never been...

The Benefits Of Real-Time Structural Monitoring For Construction Projects

Alex Shiels , 3 Jul, 2024

Construction projects often face significant challenges, such as undetected structural issues that can lead to delays,...

Understanding Structural Monitoring: What It Is And Why It Matters

Alex Shiels , 18 Jun, 2024

Ensuring the safety and stability of structures is crucial for safety.

The Ultimate Guide To Measured Building Surveys: Everything You Need To Know

Alex Shiels , 13 Jun, 2024

Measured building surveys are the cornerstone of accurate and efficient construction, renovation, and space utilisation...

How Measured Building Surveys Facilitate Sustainable Construction Practices

Alex Shiels , 12 Jun, 2024

In today's construction industry, sustainability is more than just a buzzword—it's a critical goal that influences...

Common Challenges In Conducting Measured Building Surveys And How To Overcome Them

Alex Shiels , 5 Jun, 2024

Measured building surveys are essential for accurate project planning, design, and execution in the construction...

Key Technologies And Tools Used In Measured Building Surveys

Alex Shiels , 29 May, 2024

Accurate data is the cornerstone of successful construction projects, from the initial design to final execution.

How Measured Building Surveys Improve Accuracy In Design And Planning

Alex Shiels , 22 May, 2024

The design and planning stage of a project needs accuracy in order to make the project a success.

Benefits Of Measured Building Surveys For Construction Projects

Alex Shiels , 16 May, 2024

When thinking about construction projects, success depends on precision, efficiency, and informed decision-making.

Different Types Of Measured Building Surveys Explained

Alex Shiels , 15 May, 2024

Measured building surveys are invaluable tools that provide critical insights and data across various industries. From...

Introduction To Measured Building Surveys: What They Are And Why They Matter

Alex Shiels , 8 May, 2024

In construction and design, getting things right is crucial. One tool that helps with this is a measured building survey

The Ultimate Guide To Topographical Surveys

Alex Shiels , 24 Apr, 2024

Welcome to "The Ultimate Guide To Topographical Surveys"!

Unseen Risks: The Impact Of Skipping Topographical Surveys On Construction Projects

Alex Shiels , 24 Apr, 2024

In construction projects, success depends on meticulous planning, precise execution, and proactive risk management.

What Survey Do I Need: Introducing Our 11 Survey Pages

Alex Shiels , 19 Apr, 2024

At Intersect Surveys, we're dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and innovative solutions for...

Priceless Insights: The True Value Beyond The Numbers In Topographical Surveys

Alex Shiels , 17 Apr, 2024

As everything raises in price, and where every decision counts, it's essential to fully understand what we are paying...

Green Surveys: Unveiling Eco-Friendly Secrets For Sustainable Topographical Development

Alex Shiels , 10 Apr, 2024

The importance of eco-friendly practices is increasingly recognised across various industries.

Mastering Regulations With Our Expert Topographical Surveys

Alex Shiels , 3 Apr, 2024

When it comes to construction and development, regulatory compliance stands as a cornerstone for project success.

Topographical Survey Data: A Blueprint For Project Excellence

Alex Shiels , 28 Mar, 2024

In the construction industry, topographical surveys are essential for making informed decisions. However, turning...

Intersect Surveys: Our Popular Services

Alex Shiels , 22 Mar, 2024

Here at Intersect Surveys, we like to keep our content fresh and updated, ensuring our readers get the latest news!

Topographical Surveys: How We Do It

Alex Shiels , 22 Mar, 2024

Are you looking to survey your land to stop unwelcomed surprises during your project?

What Makes A Surveyor Stand Out?

Alex Shiels , 15 Mar, 2024

Without surveyors, almost every construction or renovation project would suffer.

Tailor-Made Success: Your Project's Edge with Customised Topographical Surveys

Alex Shiels , 13 Mar, 2024

Generic survey solutions often fall short when it comes to accuracy, failing to meet the unique needs of individual...

Enhancing Construction Planning With Topographical Surveys

Alex Shiels , 8 Mar, 2024

Imagine a construction project where every contour, elevation, and structural detail is not just considered but...

The Ultimate Guide To Utility Detection

Alex Shiels , 26 Feb, 2024

Welcome to your complete guide to how surveying can assist you in your utility projects.

Elevate Site Management with Underground Asset Tagging

Alex Shiels , 26 Feb, 2024

For those involved in site management, utility services, and municipal infrastructure development, navigating the...

Mastering Site Management With CCTV Drainage Surveys

Alex Shiels , 12 Feb, 2024

In property and site management projects, the hidden intricacies of drainage systems often pose challenges for property...

Enhancing GPR Surveys with Desktop Utility Searches

Alex Shiels , 12 Feb, 2024

In each construction project, the unseen can pose formidable challenges.

Chimney Flue Location: GPR Mapping for Minimal Disruption

Alex Shiels , 6 Feb, 2024

The conventional methods employed for locating chimney flues have long been plagued by inherent challenges, manifesting...

Bridging the Gap: The Importance of GPR in Bridge Deck Assessment

Alex Shiels , 29 Jan, 2024

The repercussions of neglecting bridge decks, ranging from structural decay to safety risks and financial burdens,...

From The High Street To The Motorway: GPR For Road And Pavement Assessment

Alex Shiels , 29 Jan, 2024

According to the Highway Safety Hub, there can be as many as one utility strike per day on average.

Science of Structures: GPR's Role in Preventing Tunnel Deterioration

Alex Shiels , 18 Dec, 2023

The deterioration of tunnels can cause a lack of structural integrity and safety, which when left, can cause major...

Beneath The Surface: GPR Surveys for Geology and Environmental Studies

Alex Shiels , 18 Dec, 2023

The challenges of imprecise information on your project are some of the most jarring– from environmental harm to...

Navigating The Underground: Utility Detection With GPR Surveys

Alex Shiels , 12 Dec, 2023

Accidentally hitting hidden pipes or cables can cause safety issues, create project delays, and end up having a...

Rebar Scanning: Ensuring Concrete Structures Stand Strong

Alex Shiels , 12 Dec, 2023

The strength and longevity of concrete structures stand as testaments to both safety and quality.

Your Complete Guide To Utility and GPR Surveying

Alex Shiels , 12 Dec, 2023

Welcome to Intersect Surveys’ pillar post, where we delve into surveying, from the technical details of how they work...

How Infrastructure Surveys Mitigate Risk During Construction Projects

Alex Shiels , 12 Dec, 2023

In construction, the stakes are high, and the pressures are huge.

Eyes Inside Concrete: GPR Scanning for Concrete Inspection

Alex Shiels , 11 Dec, 2023

As a construction manager, working with concrete is a regular occurrence. However, it comes with its risks, due to...

Drain Inspection: Preventing Disaster Below the Surface

Alex Shiels , 11 Dec, 2023

Often, keeping buildings healthy, and avoiding time consuming errors, involves a crucial practice known as drain...

GPR Surveying For Environmental Assessments: A Non-Invasive Approach

Alex Shiels , 3 Nov, 2023

Taking care of the environment and building structures that stand the test of time is crucial when working in...

Why Underground Utility Surveys Are Essential For Public Safety

Alex Shiels , 4 Oct, 2023

Keeping people safe is the top priority for any construction project.

Deep Dive: Ground Penetrating Radar And Topographical Survey Methods

Alex Shiels , 13 Sep, 2023

In construction management, time and money are the ultimate focus.

The Advantages of Combining Utility Surveys and GPR Surveys

Alex Shiels , 8 Sep, 2023

As a construction manager, precise knowledge of subsurface utilities is crucial.

The Importance Of Utility Surveys In Construction Projects

Alex Shiels , 4 Sep, 2023

When we think about construction projects, we often picture towering structures, bustling construction sites, and plant...

Utility Surveys for Homeowners: Protect Your Home from Hidden Dangers

Alex Shiels , 24 Aug, 2023

As a property owner, you will be aware of how expensive and stressful unexpected damage can be to your home.

The Benefits Of Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys For Property Owners

Alex Shiels , 22 Aug, 2023

Owning a property comes with a wide range of responsibilities. One of the most crucial aspects of this is understanding...

Why Every Construction Project Needs a Utility Surveyor

Alex Shiels , 15 Aug, 2023

Construction projects are incredibly complex, from architect’s designing intricate structures, engineers developing...

How Utility Surveys Can Save Your Business Time And Money

Alex Shiels , 9 Aug, 2023

The infrastructure around us is extremely complex, and utility surveys are used to gain a deeper understanding of it.

What Is Underground Utility Mapping?

Alex Shiels , 28 Jul, 2023

Beneath the busy streets around you lies a complex network of vital infrastructure that keeps the nation running...

What is a GPR Survey?

Alex Shiels , 25 Jul, 2023

Before a construction project begins, it is crucial to thoroughly assess a job to avoid mistakes and safety issues.

3 Benefits of Conducting Underground Utility Surveys at Design Stage

Alex Shiels , 26 Jul, 2022

Saving budget and time are two of the biggest aims for a contractor on any job. Avoiding surprises and challenging...

What is a Utility Survey?

Alex Shiels , 26 Jul, 2022

Two questions we get asked a lot here at Intersect Surveys, are what is a utility survey? And what am I spending my...

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