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Elevate Site Management with Underground Asset Tagging

Alex Shiels , 26 Feb, 2024

For those involved in site management, utility services, and municipal infrastructure development, navigating the...

Bridging the Gap: The Importance of GPR in Bridge Deck Assessment

Alex Shiels , 29 Jan, 2024

The repercussions of neglecting bridge decks, ranging from structural decay to safety risks and financial burdens,...

Beneath The Surface: GPR Surveys for Geology and Environmental Studies

Alex Shiels , 18 Dec, 2023

The challenges of imprecise information on your project are some of the most jarring– from environmental harm to...

Drain Inspection: Preventing Disaster Below the Surface

Alex Shiels , 11 Dec, 2023

Often, keeping buildings healthy, and avoiding time consuming errors, involves a crucial practice known as drain...

GPR Surveying For Environmental Assessments: A Non-Invasive Approach

Alex Shiels , 3 Nov, 2023

Taking care of the environment and building structures that stand the test of time is crucial when working in...

Why Underground Utility Surveys Are Essential For Public Safety

Alex Shiels , 4 Oct, 2023

Keeping people safe is the top priority for any construction project.

How Utility Surveys Can Save Your Business Time And Money

Alex Shiels , 9 Aug, 2023

The infrastructure around us is extremely complex, and utility surveys are used to gain a deeper understanding of it.

What is a GPR Survey?

Alex Shiels , 25 Jul, 2023

Before a construction project begins, it is crucial to thoroughly assess a job to avoid mistakes and safety issues.

3 Benefits of Conducting Underground Utility Surveys at Design Stage

Alex Shiels , 26 Jul, 2022

Saving budget and time are two of the biggest aims for a contractor on any job. Avoiding surprises and challenging...

What is a Utility Survey?

Alex Shiels , 26 Jul, 2022

Two questions we get asked a lot here at Intersect Surveys, are what is a utility survey? And what am I spending my...

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