Utility Surveys for Homeowners: Protect Your Home...

Utility Surveys for Homeowners: Protect Your Home from Hidden Dangers

As a property owner, you will be aware of how expensive and stressful unexpected damage can be to your home.

Whether that’s a burst water pipe causing flooding issues, or a gas leak that causes disruptions and risk of illness, unexpected dangers can cause mental and financial strain.

By using the results from a utility survey, you can protect your home from these surprises, and save yourself the time and money that goes into rectifying them.

As a utility survey shows you what is going on beneath the surface, you can get any issues resolved as soon as possible, to ensure no accidents happen during your construction work.

Let’s delve into how you, as a homeowner, can benefit from using a utility survey to avoid hidden dangers.

So, what are the reasons you might need, and benefit from a utility survey?


Electrical Hazards


Electrical cables are particularly dangerous if disturbed.

A utility survey can locate these lines, helping homeowners and contractors avoid potential electricity-related injuries or even death.

Accidentally hitting an underground electrical conduit or power line can lead to electrocution, causing severe injuries or even fatalities.

What are some major electric line risks?


  • Electrocution Risk
  • Fire and Explosion Risks
  • Power Outages
  • Property Damage
  • Liability Concerns


Disturbing electrical lines can cause short circuits, sparks, or exposed wires that could ignite flammable materials, leading to fires or explosions.

Ultimately, the risk of danger is high when electricity is disturbed.


Gas And How It Can Be Disturbed


Utility surveys involve using specialised equipment to locate and map underground utilities accurately.

For gas hazards, utility surveys provide information on the depth, type, and precise location of these pipes.

Mainly, accidentally hitting a gas line can cause gas leaks, which are highly dangerous due to the potential for explosions and fires.

Natural gas is flammable and can quickly accumulate in enclosed spaces, such as houses. Gas leaks in confined areas, such as basements or crawl spaces, can create an explosive atmosphere.

Furthermore, undetected gas leaks can lead to health issues for homeowners, contractors, and anyone in the vicinity of the building.

By investing in a utility survey, you can avoid all of the risks associated with gas leaks and therefore protect yourself and those within your home.

How Utility Surveys For Homeowners Can Protect Against Water Damage


Certainly, water and sewage issues are significant concerns when it comes to underground utilities.

Utility surveys play a crucial role in identifying the locations of water supply and sewage lines, helping homeowners and contractors avoid potential dangers and complications.

These issues consist of:

Flooding and Property Damage: Accidentally damaging a water supply line can lead to flooding within the property, causing extensive water damage to structures, belongings, and landscaping.

Water Contamination: Disturbing water lines can introduce contaminants into the water supply, compromising its quality and safety for consumption and other uses.

Health Risks: Stagnant water resulting from leaks can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould, posing health risks to occupants.

Sanitation Problems: Disturbing sewage lines can lead to sewage backups, causing unsanitary conditions and health hazards within the property.

Property Damage: Sewage backups can cause damage to floors, walls, and personal belongings, often requiring costly cleanup and repairs.

Odour and Aesthetic Issues: Sewage leaks can result in unpleasant odours and visual disruptions, affecting the quality of life for homeowners and the surrounding community.

It’s safe to say that disturbing a sewage or water pipe would cause catastrophic damage to your home if not located efficiently before digging.





Utility surveys provide accurate information about the locations of telecommunications lines and infrastructure.

Disrupting these lines can lead to various issues such as quality of life, communication, and the ability to call for safety help from 999.

With knowledge of the location of telecommunications lines, homeowners can plan their construction or excavation work to avoid accidentally damaging these critical utilities.

Furthermore, this could potentially affect the entire neighbourhood or community relying on these services, causing mass disruption.


Utility Surveys For Homeowners: Why You Need One


Whether embarking on construction projects, renovating, landscaping, or simply maintaining your homes, you can benefit from utility surveys in numerous ways.

By identifying the precise locations of underground utilities—ranging from electrical and gas lines to water supply and sewage systems—homeowners like yourself can avoid the risks of electrocution, gas leaks, flooding, and sanitation problems.

For any homeowner seeking to ensure the well-being of their property, the safety of their community, and the success of their projects, a utility survey is an indispensable asset that offers peace of mind and informed action.

If you are looking to benefit from a utility survey, whether you are starting a renovation project or moving house, make sure to reach out to a company like Intersect Surveys.

By speaking to a member of the team, you can receive expert advice on the type of survey you need, and how you can benefit from working with us.



  1. Why Do Homeowners Need Utility Surveys?

Homeowners need utility surveys to identify the exact locations of underground utilities, such as gas, water, electricity, and telecommunications lines. Knowing where these utilities are located helps prevent accidental damage during construction.


  1. How Can A Utility Survey Prevent Accidents On My Property?

A utility survey can prevent accidents by providing accurate information about the positions of underground utilities. This knowledge allows homeowners to plan construction work and excavations while avoiding utility lines.


  1. Can Utility Surveys Help With Property Value And Transactions?

Yes, utility surveys can positively impact property value and transactions. Accurate utility information enhances transparency for potential buyers, demonstrating that the property has been responsibly managed.


  1. Are Utility Surveys Necessary Even For Minor Home Projects?

Yes, utility surveys are beneficial even for minor home projects. Excavating or digging without knowing the locations of utility lines can lead to unexpected damages and disruptions. Whether it's installing a fence, planting trees, or making small changes, utility surveys help homeowners avoid unintended consequences and ensure the safety of their property.


  1. How Does A Utility Survey Benefit Long-Term Property Planning?

Utility surveys assist in long-term property planning by providing accurate utility information. Homeowners can use this data when considering property expansions, renovations, or additions. By incorporating utility locations into their plans, homeowners can avoid potential conflicts with existing infrastructure, leading to more successful and cost-effective projects in the future.

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