How Utility Surveys Can Save Your Business Time...

How Utility Surveys Can Save Your Business Time And Money

The infrastructure around us is extremely complex, and utility surveys are used to gain a deeper understanding of it.

One of the most significant challenges faced during construction is the risk of damaging underground utilities, such as water pipes, gas lines, electrical cables, and telecommunication networks.

This increases the pressure on construction companies to complete tasks more efficiently and increase productivity.

Utilising a surveying task, such as GPR surveying and utility mapping, saves you time, improves safety and even saves you money.

In this blog we will delve into how utility surveys can help save your business time and money, helping you to deliver a better project all around.


Understanding Utility Surveys

Utility surveys are conducted by experienced professionals who utilise advanced technologies, such as ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic locators, to accurately locate and map various utilities beneath the surface.

There are specifications in place to ensure that the methodology for surveys such as GPR surveys is carried out efficiently. For example, PAS128 is the specification for underground utility detection in the UK.

This information is essential for construction teams to determine the appropriate techniques and safety measures required during excavation or any other groundwork.

Whether it's the installation of new infrastructure or the renovation of existing structures, utility surveys empower businesses to make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

So, how can they help to save you time and money, and ultimately provide a better project?


Avoiding Accidental Utility Damage during Construction

One of the primary benefits of utility surveys is the prevention of accidental damage to underground utilities during construction activities.

Excavating blindly without precise knowledge of utility locations can lead to costly and disruptive incidents. By conducting utility surveys beforehand, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface infrastructure.

This knowledge empowers construction teams to plan and execute their work with precision, reducing the risk of damaging vital utility lines and saving substantial costs associated with repairs and service interruptions.

An accident that results in utility damage can cause immense stress on a construction team, especially the construction manager. By using a utility survey, this added stress, cost and time can be avoided.


Minimising Project Delays and Downtime

Unforeseen utility conflicts can bring construction projects to a grinding halt.

When construction encounters unexpected utilities, work must pause while plans are revised and solutions are sought.

This can result in significant delays, increased labour costs, and potential penalties for failing to meet project deadlines. The stress and negative effect on mental health that this can cause on construction managers is huge.

As per a study from the Charter Institute of Building, where a sample consisted of 847 construction industry professionals, (the majority of whom were construction managers), results showed that the “majority of respondents (68.2%) had suffered from stress, anxiety or depression as a direct result of working in the construction industry”.

Utility surveys proactively identify potential conflicts early on, allowing construction teams to address these issues during the planning phase. By minimising or eliminating utility-related surprises, businesses can adhere to project timelines and avoid costly downtime.


Mitigating Safety Risks For Workers And The Public

Utility damage not only affects project timelines and budgets but also poses serious safety risks to workers and the public.

Damaging gas lines, for example, can lead to hazardous situations with the potential for explosions or fires. Water main breaks can flood work areas, flood homes and even cause issues for important roadways.

By conducting utility surveys and accurately identifying the location of utilities, construction teams can implement appropriate safety measures to protect workers and the surrounding community.

A safer work environment helps prevent accidents and injuries, reducing the associated costs and legal liabilities.


Long-Term Benefits Of Utility Surveys

Utility surveys not only offer immediate benefits in terms of preventing damage and delays, but they also play a crucial role in cost-effective planning and long-term savings for construction projects.

Knowing the exact locations and characteristics of utilities allows construction teams to:

  • Plan their projects with precision, minimising the risk of clashes and reducing the need for costly rework or redesign.
  • Show efficient resource allocation and accurate project budgeting.
  • Positively show the impact on a project's return on investment (ROI).


How You Can Enjoy These Benefits

Utility surveys emerge as a powerful solution, offering a wealth of benefits that directly contribute to saving time, stress and money.

By providing accurate information about underground utilities, utility surveys empower construction teams to plan and execute their projects with precision. Utility surveys are an indispensable tool that empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of underground infrastructure.

Saving time, mitigating risks, and ensuring successful project outcomes.

If you are keen to avoid the costly and time-consuming delays that an underground issue can cause, make sure to get in touch with a company like Intersect Surveys for assistance.

By speaking to one of the team, you can gain further insights into how a utility survey can help your project, which can save you that all-important time, money and energy.



What Is A Utility Survey?

A utility survey is a process conducted by skilled professionals using advanced technologies like ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to accurately locate and map underground utilities.

How Do Utility Surveys Help Construction Projects?

Utility Surveys help construction teams avoid accidental damage to vital utility lines, plan projects more precisely, and minimise disruptions.

Why is preventing accidental utility damage important for construction projects?

Accidental utility damage can lead to costly repairs, service interruptions, and project delays. By conducting utility surveys before construction begins, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of subsurface infrastructure, reducing the risk of damaging utilities and saving time and money.

What Safety Benefits Do Utility Surveys Provide For Workers And The Public?

Utility damage poses serious safety risks, such as gas leaks or water main breaks. Utility surveys accurately identify utility locations, enabling construction teams to implement safety measures that protect workers and the community.

How Do Utility Surveys Minimise Project Delays And Downtime?

Unforeseen utility conflicts can bring construction projects to a halt, resulting in delays, increased labour costs, and potential penalties. Utility surveys identify potential conflicts early on, allowing construction teams to address issues during the planning phase.

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