Utility Surveys

Providing a complete picture of the utilities beneath a given area without the need to manually excavate the area, a utility survey is a must.

Electromagnetic Detection

With electromagnetic detection methods, a known frequency is induced onto a metallic service, which can then be located from above ground along with the depth of the service.

Where inspection chambers are accessed, probes can be inserted into ducting and drainage pipes in order to provide the most concise picture of what is under the ground.

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Radar In Utility Surveys

With the increased presence of plastic and fibre optic underground services, and with many gas and water authorities replacing existing metal pipework with newer plastic infrastructure, there is an ever-growing need for radar, along with electromagnetic detection.

Radar provides a picture of everything under the ground, including the metallic services, and the interpretation of this data by our experienced surveyors on site is how we complete the picture and provide the most comprehensive utility survey.


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What is a utility survey, and why is it necessary?
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