What Survey Do I Need: Introducing Our 11 Survey...

What Survey Do I Need: Introducing Our 11 Survey Pages

At Intersect Surveys, we're dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and innovative solutions for their projects.

That's why we're delighted to announce the launch of 11 new web pages on our website, each designed to offer valuable insights and solutions across a diverse range of surveys.

From precise measurements and strategic planning to environmental monitoring and legal compliance, our new pages cover it all.

This blog offers a brief overview of each page, so you know exactly what survey page to head for!



Which Survey Do I Need?


  1. Measured Building Surveys

Our Measured Building Survey page provides precise measurements essential for construction and renovation projects. Architects, engineers, property developers, and construction professionals can rely on accurate floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D models to inform your project planning with confidence.

  1. Topographical Surveys

For those needing accurate site mapping and strategic planning, our Topographical Survey page is where you need to be. Civil engineers, urban planners, land developers, and construction project managers will find detailed terrain visualisation and contour mapping invaluable for your projects.

  1. GPR Surveys

Subsurface imaging for detecting utilities, voids, and structural defects is made easy with our GPR Surveys page. Civil engineers, utility companies, and construction contractors involved in excavation and construction projects can benefit from the accurate information provided by ground penetrating radar technology.

  1. Setting Out and Site Control

Establishing precise survey control for construction projects is vital for accurate positioning of site elements. Surveyors, construction project managers, and engineers can rely on our Setting Out and Site Control page to ensure precise positioning and alignment of construction elements on their sites.

  1. Structural Monitoring Solutions

Ensuring stability and safety during construction projects is crucial, which is why our Structural Monitoring Solutions page offers real-time monitoring of structural movements. Construction companies, building owners, and infrastructure developers can benefit from this service to monitor and manage structural integrity effectively.

  1. Environmental Monitoring Services

Noise, vibration, and air quality monitoring on construction sites are critical for compliance and environmental protection. Environmental consultants, construction project managers, and regulatory agencies can rely on our Environmental Monitoring Services page for real-time monitoring and data analysis to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate environmental impacts.

  1. Utility Surveys

Locating and mapping underground utilities to prevent damage during excavation is essential for construction contractors, utility companies, and municipal authorities. Our Utility Surveys page provides electromagnetic detection, ground penetrating radar, and detailed reporting for comprehensive information on underground utilities before construction.

  1. CCTV Drainage

Our CCTV Drainage Survey offers comprehensive documentation of drainage system conditions, identifying blockages, leaks, and defects early on. Essential for property owners, facility managers, and construction companies, our survey ensures compliance, prevents disruptions, and enables proactive maintenance measures to preserve infrastructure integrity and functionality.

  1. Right To Light

Understanding legal obligations regarding access to natural light for properties is essential in construction projects. Property developers, architects, and legal professionals can turn to our Right To Light Analysis page for survey data and graphical information necessary for compliance with "right to light" regulations.

  1. As-Built Surveys

Documenting accurate positions of constructed elements is crucial for building owners, architects, and contractors. Our As-Built Surveys page offers high-definition 3D laser scanning, robotic total stations, and hand-held tablets for data capture, ensuring precise documentation of completed construction projects.

  1. Desktop Utility Record Searches

Obtaining statutory record information for buried utilities is made easy with our Desktop Utility Record Searches page. Developers, contractors, and engineers seeking comprehensive information on underground utilities before construction can rely on our detailed search reports.




We're excited to offer these 11 new web pages as valuable resources for yourselves as professionals in the construction and development industries.

Whether you're in need of precise measurements, accurate site mapping, structural monitoring, environmental compliance, or legal analysis, our new pages cover a wide range of services to meet your needs.

At Intersect Surveys, we're committed to providing you with the tools and information necessary to ensure the success of your projects.

Get in touch today to book any of our services!






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