Structural Monitoring Solutions

Gain real-time insights into your environment or structural conditions with our comprehensive monitoring surveys. Our services provide an early indication of potential issues during construction or effectively disprove any perceptions of changes or movements, thereby mitigating the need for costly remedial work or litigation.

Structural Monitoring Solutions

Our multi-disciplined team of engineering experts possesses extensive knowledge in environmental monitoring solutions. We employ state-of-the-art survey instruments, advanced survey methods, and robust quality procedures to measure and record fixed reference points on structures and assets accurately.

We offer specialised survey solutions to monitor and investigate movements in one, two, or three dimensions, presenting the resulting data in a variety of easy-to-interpret formats. Observed data includes changes in Eastings (lateral movements), Northings (longitudinal movements), and Elevation (height movement), typically within +/- 1mm accuracy. This data provides indicators to predict potential issues related to ground settlement or collapse.

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How We Can Help

Our services include both manual and automated web-based solutions, with survey data available to view and download in real-time through our customised web portal. Whether it's structural monitoring for buildings, rail tracks, or underground assets and tunnel networks, our expert approach minimises risks and ensures stability throughout small and large-scale development projects.

With Intersect Surveys, you can trust our structural monitoring solutions to safeguard the stability and safety of your structures, providing invaluable insights for informed decision-making and risk management.

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