Utility Detection

Ensure your project runs smoothly throughout its entire lifecycle with early detection of underground utilities.

Utilising the latest technology to locate & trace services below ground

Knowing where underground services are located will help mitigate risk whilst minimising project delay, damage to third party assets and risk to the safety of public and workers.

Whether you are a developer, engineer, constructor or utility owner, you need to work with a team with a proven record of reducing financial and health & safety risk through accurate utility detection practices.

Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

GPR Surveys

Aside from buried services, Intersect Surveys Ltd understand that there are other underground features a client may require information about on-site.

Using GPR surveys allows for a comprehensive coverage of a site and, as a standalone service, a GPR survey can be used to target these specific features.

The method for this is to scan the entire site in a grid pattern, record the images, and then post-process the information using specialist software. A full report or an annotated site plan will then be drawn up to the client’s specification detailing the findings on the target features.


Uses of a GPR Survey

GPR Surveys can be used to investigate an array of buried features, including, but not limited to:

  • Voids
  • Buried structures
  • Underground fuel/utility tanks
  • Non-metallic utilities (plastic/fibre optic services)
  • Pile cap

Concrete Scanning

Scanning of concrete structures includes:

  • Mapping of reinforcing bars
  • Determining concrete slab thickness
  • Locating and mapping of conduits and pipework
  • Detection of voids and other structural anomalies

GPR is completely non-intrusive/destructive and will usually only require access to one side of the structure being investigated.


Chimney Flue Location

GPR scans can be used to locate and map out the positions of chimney flues. This is achievable without the need for destructive or intrusive work, causing minimal disruption to the everyday workings of the structure.

The positions of the flues can be marked out on-site, or they can be presented in CAD format.


Utility Surveys

Providing a complete picture of the utilities beneath a given area without the need to manually excavate the area, a utility survey is a must.

Intersect Surveys Ltd can locate and map out the utilities using electromagnetic detection and ground penetrating radar to provide a location and depth to each individual service within an area, providing cross sectional information and photos for key areas.

This information can be simply marked up on site or produced as a scale drawing in 2D or 3D format.


Electromagnetic Detection

With electromagnetic detection methods, a known frequency is induced onto a metallic service, which can then be located from above ground along with the depth of the service. Where inspection chambers are accessed, probes can be inserted into ducting and drainage pipes in order to provide the most concise picture of what is under the ground.


Radar in Utility Surveys

With the increased presence of plastic and fibre optic underground services, and with many gas and water authorities replacing existing metal pipework with newer plastic infrastructure, there is an ever-growing need for radar, along with electromagnetic detection.

Radar provides a picture of everything under the ground, including the metallic services, and the interpretation of this data by our experienced surveyors on site is how we complete the picture and provide the most comprehensive utility survey.


CCTV Drainage Survey

A CCTV Drainage Survey documents the condition of all accessible drainage runs within a given site area.

When you commission us to carry out a CCTV Drainage Survey of your site, we lift all manhole covers on site and record the pipe/chamber information and depth. We then insert a camera unit which we push along the pipe and record the footage for our report.

This camera unit also enables us to trace the route of the drainage run using a built-in ‘sonde’, which gives us a position and depth at any given point along the drainage route when coupled with our RD8000 cable locator.


A reliable and efficient company

”We've been working with Intersect for several years and have always found them to be reliable, efficient and good value for money. I can honestly recommend them."

Peter F , Commercial Director

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”The whole process was very smooth from start to finish, with excellent communication and customer care. We'll definitely be working with Intersect in the future."

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”The in-depth knowledge which Intersect Surveys have in their field is second to none. They're efficient, helpful and in my opinion, excellent value. "

Robert M , Site Manager

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